Sometimes referred to in the motion-picture industry as "Color Grading," digital Color-Correction and Enhancement of motion images is often considered the pinnacle art form of modern visual digital media. Camron Crouse named his color imaging and digital photography service GRADE ONE after his Film/Video experience digitally color-grading motion images in the video post-production industry because the same careful attention to the look of your images is one of the driving forces in his workflow with his still photography.

With a background in Film, Video, and Animation, Camron Crouse started out as a wedding video cameraman and editor in the mid-1990's. After a year spent as a video Machine Room Operator, he went on to learn the art of Digital Color Correction and Enhancement on the DaVinci Renaissance 8:8:8 Color Corrector for Film and Video, state-of-the-art for its day. Parlaying his various media experience into his Digital Photography endeavour, Camron currently shoots digital RAW stills with Canon SLRs, "Strobist-style" off-camera remote EX Speedlite flashes, and L-Series professional lenses. He personally color-grades his images with Adobe Lightroom photo processing software.